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UHP Systems supply Hydroblasting, Waterblasting, Waterjetting and Hydrojetting surface preparation services as a specialist subcontractor to owners, shipyards, surface protection and coating contractors throughout Europe and the UK.

Since 1996 we have specialised exclusively in UHP Hydroblasting, Waterblasting, Waterjetting, Hydrojetting, over this period we have built our fleet of UHP Hydroblasting pumps up to 13 twin gun 2750 bar (40000 psi) Hydroblasting pumps and 4 single guns 3100 bar (45000 psi) Hydroblasting pumps.

The Hydroblasting guns we operate are of our own design and construction and far surpass anything we have been able to purchase both in terms of reliability and productivity.

The fact that we are contractors who also design and build their own equipment gives us an enormous advantage over other UHP contractors in that we are constantly testing redesigning and upgrading our hydroblasting equipment in a competitive and commercial market place.

The prime mover in our UHP Hydroblast systems is Flow international's 24 litre 2750 bar Husky pump and 9 litre 3100 bar Eagle pump.

These hydroblast pumps have been modified to our own requirements being mainly, enclosure, a smaller footprint, full sound attenuation (70 db), rig safe, fixed lifting points and forklift pockets, increased pump safety and protection features.

We also operate 4 Flow Hydrocat systems but again modified to our own requirements.

The Hydrocat is a full vacuum recovery UHP hydroblasting robot which can produce a surface up to WJ1 (SA 3 equivalent) and leave the surface both dry and warm (up to 45 degrees C) whilst recovering and filtering all waste water and debris.

The Hydrocats can hydroblast holds, topsides, vertical sides, curved areas such as bow, stern, turn of bilge and flat bottoms.

It is equally productive when operating vertically, horizontally or inverted.